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Top Halloween Costumes for 2021

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning costumes for the whole family! Whether you’re trying a DIY look for your crew, hosting a party for friends, or trying to win the office costume contest, knowing this year’s hottest looks will give you the edge. Here are some of the costumes sure to be popular for kids and adults this year.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Characters from this popular movie will be common choices for kids and adults alike. Fortunately, creating this look is easy: Wear a blue basketball jersey and shorts, then add the Tune Squad lettering and orange and yellow bullseye. This image would be easy to create with paper or yarn. Carry a basketball for the perfect accessory.

Miraculous! Ladybug and Cat Noir

Gaining an impressive following this year on Netflix, Miraculous! characters Ladybug and Cat Noir will be top choices for kids this year. For Cat Noir, a basic black bodysuit is best, but you can use a black long sleeve top and pants to achieve the same look. Add some cat ears, a black mask, and a green and black ring, and you’re set! Ladybug’s costume is simple as well: Cover a red bodysuit or pants/top combination with black dots, put your hair in two low ponytails, and add a red mask! Two small red/black earrings to highlight the character’s iconic accessory would complete the look perfectly.

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Bridgerton Inspired Looks

This Netflix series was the hit of early 2021, so expect teens and adults alike to gravitate towards the 18th century luxury and decadence of its costumes. Queen Charlotte sports an iconic towering hairdo a la Marie Antoinette, while other characters have more reserved updos with natural curls framing the face. Dresses feature an empire waist and lots of jewels and embroidery, so search thrift stores for fabrics that might fit the bill. For men, suit jackets with tails and high-collared white shirts give off the perfect 18th-century vibe. Small accessories like white gloves will serve to complete your look.

WandaVision Characters (and Other Superheroes)

This Marvel series captured top ratings in 2021, so it’s a clear choice for adults who want to go the classic superhero route. Vision’s face is red and silver, so break out the paints and get to work. If you want the iconic superhero cape and leotard, choose a gray or silver. For a rendition of Vision as he’s masquerading as a human, choose any decade and dress to impress! Wanda follows a similar direction. Make sure that you have her iconic red hair, and then choose a decade to emulate.

As is typical, kids will gravitate towards superhero costumes this year. Spiderman and Captain America are popular choices, so blue and red outfits could serve as the base layer for both. Add webs and a spider logo on Spiderman’s chest or a cardboard shield emblazoned with a star for Captain America to complete the looks.

Minecraft Characters

The world of Minecraft is as popular as ever this year, so expect kids to dress as their favourite characters. Because everything in this game is built out of cubes, you can easily create these costumes using recycled boxes. Don the main character’s attire with an extra-large turquoise shirt and dark pants, create a skeleton look with a black and gray jumpsuit, or dress in all green to be a Creeper. The key to resembling a Minecraft character will be in the headgear – use a whole box as your helmet (decorated appropriately) to give the illusion that your head is made from an in-game cube.

Disney Characters – Now with Star Wars!

Adults and kids alike will always love dressing as their favourite Disney characters, so remember that this category now includes the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian (featuring a baby Yoda character) is still popular this year, so watch out for kids dressed in tan robes with their faces painted green. Princess costumes are always a classic, but this year, Frozen characters and the new heroine, Raya, will take center stage. Raya’s fierce warrior look is easy to replicate with green pants, a yellow shirt, and armbands. Her iconic staff completes the look and could be made from a broom handle or long stick.

Choose your favourite look from this list to create a memorable Halloween 2021 costume!