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Practical Skincare Gifts She’s Sure to Love

When it comes to gifting, we often think along the lines of gift cards, flowers, candies, and chocolates. While those items are classic crowd-pleasers, skincare can also make a great gift. 

Here are practical gifts for every skincare fanatic on your list, from mask lovers to eye cream connoisseurs. 

Facial Cleanser

One of the most essential needs for a woman’s skincare routine is a quality facial cleanser. Gift her with something she’ll appreciate long-term. Look for options that have minimal chemicals and are affordable (so she can rebuy when she’s sure to love it). 

Gifts of cleansing sets that include moisturizers, masks, and pore extractors are also an excellent way to take your gift to the next level.

Face Rollers

Are you looking for a chic stocking stuffer to complete your gift list? Consider a face roller! Face rollers help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and alleviate puffy, tired-looking skin. 

For the best results, experts recommend pairing rollers with skin oils and active serums. 

Cleansing Pads

At the end of a long day, women love a quick way to wipe away the day’s makeup ahead of cleansing and hopping into bed. Cleansing pads exfoliate the skin and regulate oil production, making them just the thing to help them keep their complexion clear with ease. A 2-pack or more makes for a great skincare-themed gift.

Revitalizing Serum

Designed to help a woman’s skin glow, revitalizing serum is packed with vitamins and other essential oils that infuse skin cells with immediate hydration. The effect? An anti-ageing look that will have her skin feeling immediately softer and smoother.

Clay Masks

Clay masks are great for pulling oil out of her skin and possibly preventing pimples that form when pores are clogged with excessive oil and dirt. Something to tell her when gifting: Experts recommend women wear clay masks for 15 minutes or less and use them no more than three times a week. When shopping, look for a mask that has hyaluronic acid or alpha hydroxy acid for best results.

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Brush Set

Beautiful makeup and face design start with quality brushes. A quality set will help her apply foundation, powder, eyeshadow, bronzer, and blush sans mess. Plus, brushes make blending and application more seamless and will give her a smoother, cleaner look. 

Eye Cream

If you’ve ever had to pull an all-nighter, then you’re probably well aware of the mystical powers of eye cream—it’s a lifesaver if you buy the right brand. 

Eye cream is made with vitamins and other ingredients proven to target puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, and dryness. A solid product will rejuvenate skin and give it a glow that will have her feeling (and looking!) her most energetic! 

Exfoliating Treatment

During the day, our body is simply protecting itself—at night, it switches into repair mode. (They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing!) Why not help your giftee put their skin repair into overdrive with an overnight exfoliating treatment?

Exfoliating treatments remove dead skin cells from the outer skin layer. One thing to note: Exfoliating treatment should be done correctly to ensure she doesn’t damage her skin. The American Academy of Dermatology Association offers a guide here.

Sleep Mask

Speaking of sleep, a sleep mask makes for an excellent stocking stuffer. Many options are breathable, lightweight, and affordable. Plus, some can be refrigerated for an “extra cooling effect”​​—which could be a game-changer for hot sleepers. It’s also super chic in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way. 

This holiday season, gift her with a skincare product (or two!) that will help boost her confidence and keep her face looking fresh and fair.

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Must-Have Products to Build Your Basic Skincare Routine

There are literally hundreds of products available when it comes to skincare, and choosing what to use (and when) can feel overwhelming. The good news? There’s nothing wrong with beginning a small, simple skincare routine without feeling pressured to include all of the newest products. Ultimately, the best skincare routine is one that you’ll actually stick with, so choose the products that work for your daily routine and seem sustainable. 

We’ve rounded up some must-have items for simple morning and nighttime routines as well as on-the-go products that are handbag essentials.


Cleaning your face is the most basic skincare step. No product can successfully interact with your skin if it’s covered in dirt and oil. Your morning skincare routine should always start with a cleanser. Even though you’ve been asleep, oils and dirt can clog your pores overnight, so you want to start fresh every day. A great all-purpose cleanser to use morning, after workouts, and night is a simple micellar water with no harsh additives or abrasives (and has no need to rinse). Micellar water is an easy cleanser for even the busiest day. Make sure that you have some soft, washable pads to use with a liquid cleanser so that you aren’t scrubbing with anything too abrasive. If you’re looking for a more substantial nighttime cleanser, try one with essential oils that help remove heavy makeup and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh.

SPF Lotion/Moisturizer

Every morning before applying makeup, use an SPF lotion as a base layer. Your SPF could be part of your foundation or a separate cream that you apply pre-makeup. Sunscreen is another option for layering under makeup. Using an SPF lotion as part of your daily routine will do two things: hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun. These two goals should be top of your list regardless of weather, location, daily plans, etc. Investing in a great daily SPF lotion deserves to be among your highest priority skincare items.

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Makeup Removal Wipes

While most cleansers should do a good job removing your makeup at night, you might find that you need extra help getting eye makeup off gently and completely. Makeup removal wipes are a great solution for this problem, and they’re good to have on hand when you’re out and about in need of a cleansing wipe. You can also use makeup removal wipes to eliminate dirt and oils, so even if you don’t wear makeup, having a few wipes handy is a good idea. Choose a product that’s for sensitive skin to minimize eye irritation and dryness. Some options are individually wrapped and perfect for keeping in your gym bag, car, or purse.

Night Cream/Moisturizer

During the day, your SPF lotion should serve to help moisturize your skin. At night, choose a moisturizer that will maximize your sleeping hours and leave your face feeling rejuvenated and vibrant. Because you’ll be inside out of the sun while you sleep, your night cream can safely include a retinol that would typically make your face extra sensitive in the sunlight. Retinols serve to energize your skin cells and help repair any damage. 

Roller or Face Mask

An essential part of your skincare routine should be something that can calm and soothe irritated (or stressed!) skin. A roller or face mask of your choice is a perfect option here—incorporate it into your daily routine or save it for those times when your day has been extra hectic. An ice roller can be cooled prior to use for an even more luxurious experience, while a green tea face mask can cool your skin 5-10 minutes before bed.

If your skincare routine is missing any of these must-have products, find them today for a fresher face tomorrow!